El Pozo Food

Many R&D projects e.g.: development of a natural new flavour for special red sausage (sobrasada).

Central Quesera Montesinos

AMC Foods

New pomegranate juice with optimal storage.

Cheese factory Montesinos

Safety and performance optimization of traditional cheese making adapted to new consumer trend.

Different cheeses awards obtained by Central Quesera Montesinos company 2004 - 2012

Wineries and Vineyards Casa de la Ermita

Obtaining flavorings and other components from various natural products produced by fermentation.

Processing and packaging of quality wine alcohol content reduced through application of advanced technologies.

Zukán Sugar

New technologies for the process of sugar and derivatives (2 CDTI projects).

Elite frozen foods

Technological innovations in the process of frozen vegetables coated.

SAE Cardboard and Packaging

A microrrugated cardboard with different coatings and wrappings capable of extending the shelf life of the vegetables was developped.

Machinery Manufacturing

Dosing-thermosealing ultra-clean for liquid foods


Canning machinery

Design of a new sealing food metal containers for canning with enhanced characteristics.

Machinery Manufacturing

Artichoke peeler with automatic feeding enhanced

Vegetable snacks

Canned vegetables for salad and snack ready to eat

Central Quesera Montesinos

Canned vegetables

Improvement of sensorial quality and nutrient content of "Almagros eggplants"

PCE Instruments

Global source for test instruments and digital measurement equipment devide sales and service.